DragonSlayer´s Forsaken UTILS

There are some programs that are "musthaves" These are:

  • Power-Pod (FZK)
    A program that allows you to switch between different versions of Forsaken
    Forsaken Zone Killers or get it here (3.1Mb)

  • Power-Patch (KEA)
    A program that allows you to switch between different versions of Forsaken
    KEA or get it here (4.91Mb)

  • Forsaken Launcher
    A program that allows you to swap between all known versions of Forsaken (that you can have installed in same folder) you can select varios things like what level to start in, when starting a multiplayer game, and lots and lots of more switches
    Let Software HomePage or get it here

  • Forsaken Level Installer /BATTLE.DAT Swapper
    A program for "dummies" creates an icon on your desktop. Now just drag and drop the Level.zip (or exe) to the icon and the level is installed in forsaken.
    Forsaken Anonymous or get it here

  • Forsaken Level Changer and Editor 2.0
    A program that let you replace the battle.dat file, for use with Unpatched Forsaken
    Unpatched Forsaken only support 16 levels in BATTLE.DAT, this program switches between orginal levels and new ones
    Forsaken Fighting Forces or Get it here

  • Mplayer patch
    This reg files and bats, makes it easier to play on Mplayer with Unpatched Version and on LAN with Patched Version
    U can also use this to have different settings for your player
    I have all forsaken version installed in the same directory
    Get it here

  • Patch Changer
    Reg files, Changes the Guid between Retail and v1.00 for use with the Zone Patched Version
    Forsaken Zone Killers or Get it here

  • Forsaken Level Viewer/Creator/Editor
    Comming soon :)
    Ryan Thomas Chavez page

    This is not an specific Forsaken Application... it allows you to talk to and listen to team-mates. Works with allmost every game.
    ShadowFactor Software Inc or client (2.1Mb) and server (1.6Mb)